Bollywood Maharaja 2 VST-AU WiN&MAC

Bollywood Maharaja 2 VST-AU WiN-MAC … 

Bollywood Maharaja 2 VST-AU WiN-MAC

Today they all have drum unit libraries as they are gotten from different libraries and drum machines. We needed to accomplish something exceptional, however we needed to give a contemporary voice and bring new performers, makers of HipHop, Trap, EDM and an additional taste to their music. 

Bollywood Maharaja 2 is a virtual follow-up instrument and new voice and percussion for the hit Bollywood Maharaja Volume 1. It has both Indian and urban drum sounds. It likewise has single-shot vocal cuts and instruments. This library was worked without any preparation and contained 600 sounds. 

Today, they all have indistinguishable norms from those got from different libraries and beat machines. We needed to accomplish something extraordinary, however we needed to sound contemporary and carry an additional flavor to the new musicians, producers of hip-bounce, trap, EDM and their music. So we recorded some astonishing fresh out of the box new percussion sounds, vocals and instruments with a portion of Bollywood's best performers. These sounds were treated with outer EQs and blowers to make them progressively powerful in the present melodic setting. 

Bollywood Maharaja 2 VST-AU WiN-MAC 

Drum module with 12 cushions. 

1GB of sounds contains more than 600 drum tests. 

Voice and instrument, kick, box, top, cymbals and Indian mood. 

Joined perc, male and female Indian vowels, tumbi, sarangi. 

50 Bollywood, Bhangra, TRAP, EDM, Hip-Hop, Organic Kit. 

Worked in reverb, discharge, assault and tone control. 

It likewise contains 600 one-shot WAV records. 

More up to date forms of the multioutput module are likewise included. 

One of a kind present day voice of Indian Bollywood
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