Paradox Lost Redux KONTAKT

Paradox Lost Redux KONTAKT … Conundrum Lost Redux is a special gadget dependent on a bizarre, lovely and abnormal voice, automaton and "straightforward" tone. The buy incorporates the first arrival of Paradox Lost, which was around 5 years prior. 

Conundrum Lost Redux KONTAKT 

In some cases the sounds catch a reasonable and conflicting combination of development and static, magnificence and foulness, murkiness and light. A few sounds will sound natural however unusual, for example, an old synthesizer you once knew yet can't distinguish. 

Through sound sources, we have additionally made a wide scope of sounds, including guitar sounds, guitar sounds, organ sounds, piano and harp sounds, which join effectively wonderful and convincing automatons and sounds. . 

Catch 22 Lost Redux KONTAKT 

93 examples (96khz, 24 piece) 

1.13 GB (as NCW documents): uncompressed, 1.51 GB 

130 previews in a wide range of classifications 

27 one of a kind and appealing multi 

4 one of a kind and strange NKI presets 

Kontakt adaptation 5.8.1 or higher required

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