SoundYeti CollisionFX KONTAKT

SoundYeti CollisionFX KONTAKT … Percussion FX - Cine Scoring Tool gives an uncommon palette of sounds for planning, forming, scoring, improving, and making incredibly noteworthy true to life components. 

SoundYeti CollisionFX - KONTAKT 

With a single tick, add smooth and cheeky swashbucklers to epic components with the Collision FX Instant Sidecan Power Mode on the fundamental screen. Annihilation, Shimmer and Depth, the primary degree of custom control with a crash plan that gives performers and planners moment control over low-end articulations, tone, race channels and elements. 

Alter the information contribution of the SIDEACAN with the accessible ADSR controls and get speedy access to adjust the pitch and heading of the converse waveform, all from the principle tab. Simply check the measure of impact to apply, it will create altogether different sounds as you go. 

SoundYeti CollisionFX KONTAKT 

Library for Cinema Sound Design 

3,100+ 96k 24 piece sound source 

14.72 GB test 

Protected LFO Design with Matrix Mapping 

234 NKIs and Menus 

Fundamental Subject (19 NKI) 

Condition (85 NKI) 

Development (17 NKI) 

Stingers (36 NKI) 

Surface (24 NKI) 

Rhythm Synced Sequences (53 NKI) 

Impact FX - Cinematic Scoring Tool plans, makes, scores, improves and makes incredibly noteworthy true to life components to make a phenomenal palette of sounds. With a solitary snap, add Swank and Brazen intensity to epic components with the Collision FX Instant Sidecan Power Mod on the fundamental presentation. 

Obliteration, Shimmer and Depth, the main degree of specially crafted controls of impact that give authors and creators prompt control over articulation, tone, race channels and low-end elements. Adjust the sidechain input envelope with ADSR control and get snappy access to alter the pitch and converse wave course from the fundamental tab. To apply basically dial in the measure of impact you will make totally different sounds as you go.
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