BeatSkillz SampleX v1-0-0 WiN-MAC

SampleX brings you precisely displayed vintage sampler copying. Dial-in the example rate, bit rate, associating, input drive and channel settings to seem like any sampler, or plan your own! Different sampler copying presets effectively included. In the present propelled time of music devices that look for the "cleanest", generally "great" sounds, there has abruptly been a craving for the "Abrasive" hints of the machines of the past.

When such journey has been the procurement of old, crude samplers and test drum machines like the EMU SP1200, AKAI s900/950, and others. This has expanded the pace of these machines to 10s of thousands of dollars. The sound that makers and craftsmen look for in these crates is typically the low piece rates and test rates bringing about an "associated" sound or "antiques" as we currently call them. These impediments of the vintage machines have now gotten extremely wanted and looked for after sound.

BeatSkillz SampleX v1-0-0 WiN-MAC

Copy any Vintage sampler

Make the genuine wanted "associating without changing the pitch

Precisely demonstrated Input Drive of the s900

A precise model of the popular Ladder Filter with reverberation!

Dial-in any example rate from 96khz down to 2 kHz

Lessen bit rate up to 4 bits

"Type" in the qualities for increasingly precise control

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