Crypto Cipher Voice OF Ancient INDIA

Crypto Cipher is pleased to introduce greatest and passionate Indian Kontakt state library of 5 bizarre instruments played by the famous craftsman of India. Further make boundless melodic varieties by means of UI transpose, time sync, speed and test start controls.

Tests recorded in this library are from – Bansuri (Indian Bamboo Flute), Female Vocals (Trained Classical Voice), Dilruba (Rare bowed Sarangi Like instrument), Raga Violin ( Emotional and Unusual Style ), Shehnai ( Rare Instrument , Oboe type )

All the craftsman are additionally accessible for custom chronicles through our web based account store : contact for every single related question.

Patches remembered for this library are as per the following :

Bansuri Hybrid.nki

Dilruba Speed Control.nki

Dilruba Sync.nki

Female Raga Voice Hybrid.nki

Female Raga Voice Speed Control.nki

Raga Violin Sync.nki

Shehnai Hybrid.nki

Shehnai Legato Speed Chunks.nki

There are very nearly 3 GB (1900+ expressions) of tests in different styles which incorporate – Timeless Phrase , Tempo Sync Phrase and One shot examples. Further, you can take advantage of User Interface and make boundless melodic variety out of these expressions.

Greatest assortment of 18 enthusiastic raga phrases in the library are as per the following : Yaman, Jaunpuri, Kafi, Shree, Ahir Bhairav, Jaijawanti, Alhaiya Bilawal, Suddha Sarang, Nat Bhairav, Maru Bihag, Bhairavi, Kirwani, Desh, Marwa, Madhuwanti, Bhinna Shadaj, Hansdhwani, Pilu

– Speed Control Patches ( Dilruba Speed Control.nki , Female Raga Voice Speed Control.nki, Shehnai Legato Speed Chunks.nki ) have a min and max speed controls on UI and speed can be controlled by means of Pitch Wheel.

– Tempo Sync Patches ( Raga Violin Sync.nki , Dilruba Sync.nki ) have Auto, Double, Half speed sync modes on the UI itself.

– Hybrid patches ( Female Raga Voice Hybrid.nki, Shehnai Hybrid.nki ) are exceptional patches which have rhythm sync expresses also ageless expressions. Again speed of immortal expressions (alaaps) can be controlled through pitch haggle sync mode works for beat sync phrases. First green key-switch is for ageless expressions and second green key-switch for rhythm sync state.




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Size: 1.58 GB

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