Spitfire Studio Strings v1.0 b19 KONTAKT (Premium)

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Spitfire Studio Strings v1.0 b19 KONTAKT 

Spitfire Studio Strings denotes the principal arrival of an indispensable all-new Spitfire Orchestra extend. Our desire was to make an unfathomably flexible favorable to end dry stage test library. By picking the fresh and lively setting of Air Studio One, a littler, more controllable space than the extravagant Lyndhurst Hall, we offer our kindred writers a string library with profundity, detail and concentrate at the same time. One that will take a shot at anything from energetic period dramatizations to current Scandi noir. It's a fit for eccentric non mainstream and fresh pop, however can likewise handle epic film and game scores. 


This new arrangement of symphonic libraries, two years really taking shape, has the entirety of the cherished Spitfire trademarks: A-rundown London meeting players, precious instruments and an unrivaled sign way recorded to tape by Grammy grant winning specialist Simon Rhodes. Likewise with our current musical and chamber ranges, we have applied a "no stone unturned" approach: a reference book of explanations (playing styles), vibrato control and various powerful layers and cooperative effort for consistent, nuanced authenticity. 

Our new Studio Strings bundle is a medium chamber (or little musical) group recorded by area (first violins, second violins, violas, cellos and twofold basses), and is accessible in two forms: Spitfire Studio Strings, and the more broad Spitfire Studio Strings Professional. 

Spitfire clients presently have a far reaching scope of instrumental moves. We trust Studio Strings suits clients of our current Lyndhurst Hall ranges as a fundamental sonic other option. It is likewise ideal for those hoping to purchase a strings library that will give them the most value for their money – usable in the amplest scope of melodic settings, prepared for your own most loved reverbs and FX. With the adaptability we have built into this library, we have almost certainly that Spitfire Studio Strings will be a loved aspect of your music-production throughout the following decade. 

Spitfire Studio Strings takes you directly to the core of our most flawless symphonic library to date: 148 verbalizations over the full 30-piece string segment (, from taking off legato and our unmistakable murmuring super-flautando, directly down to spiccato, barrettes, effortlessness notes, and FX. Quickly usable, immediately convincing. 

Simon Rhodes was a conspicuous decision for our completely new Studio symphony go — a mouthpiece performer with various Grammy grants to his name, and a senior designer at Abbey Road Studios. He has worked at the most significant level in film score recording, having been James Horner's go-to build for a long time. Blockbuster films, for example, Avatar, Skyfall and Specter have likewise had the Rhodes treatment. 

"For the Spitfire Studio Strings meetings, I utilized one of my attempted and tried ways to deal with littler rooms, yet have joined layers and choices by utilizing an assortment of mouthpiece arrangements – directly down to that nearby, Eleanor Rigby sound. With a bit of reverb on," says Simon, "this library will sound lavish and lovely, and yet keep hold of all the detail." 

Item information: 

– ~16000 SAMPLES 


Framework necessities 

– Mac OS X 10.10 or later, Intel Core 2 Duo 

– Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (most recent Service Pack, 32/64-bit) Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 

– Kontakt or Kontakt Player 5.6.8 or higher

For Download This Library Contact On Whatsapp this is a premium library

Whatsapp +1 (602) 562-6619

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