Kontakt v6.7.1-6.7.0 VST-AU | MacOS


KONTAKT 6 presents the KONTAKT Play Series: New curves on pursued sounds. Each spots amazing, innovative preparing chains into a basic, natural interface. These half breed instruments join wavetable union with inventively examined content, permitting dynamic live mixing and sound chiseling. The instruments all element eight deliberately appointed large scale controls, comparing to the eight rotating encoders on our KOMPLETE KONTROL and MASCHINE equipment. 

Kontakt v6.7 VST-AU MacOS 

FIXED KSP: In specific cases, the ui_file_selector component would return to its base way, failing to remember the last chosen document 

FIXED KSP: Controlling most convolution boundaries from KSP was broken 

FIXED KSP: The getter for $CONTROL_PAR_HIDE would not restore the correct worth if the worth was $HIDE_PART_BG 

IMPROVED Kontakt's new Auto-Apply highlight (presented in 6.1.0) presently disregards changes in subfolders of the watched envelopes 

IMPROVED KSP: All PGS-related coding botches are presently Warnings rather than Errors 

FIXED KSP: There were some startling practices around the utilization of settled boards and certain Z layer settings 

FIXED KSP: Info Pane text would not show up for ui_button controls 

FIXED In Kontakt 6.3.0 certain libraries would not accurately store and review boundaries 

Introduce Notes: 

Utilize 5.6.0 K'd Kontakt (Applications/Native Instruments/Kontakt) to add libraries 

Bug Fix 

• FIXED Kontakt would crash when endeavoring to determine missing substance under specific conditions 

• IMPROVED Resolving missing substance is currently a lot quicker 

• FIXED Instruments made with Kontakt 6.5.x could stack mistakenly in prior adaptations

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